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“Where Your Child Matters.”

Nagle Rice Secondary School

Doneraile, Co. Cork

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / Email:

Nagle Rice School Improvement Plan Targets 2018-2019

Target 1:  To increase student speed and competency in their ability to carry out time calculations which may arise in real life situations e.g. train and bus timetables.

Target 2:  To increase the incidences of students converting their exam results from fractions to percentages and graphing these.

Target 3:  To increase group work and differentiation by teachers using “Think Pair Share” as a means of assessment more often in class.

Target 4:  To increase significantly the instances of teachers visibly setting out aims / learning outcomes at the start and end of each class.

Target 5:  To improve spelling and proof-reading skills among students.

Target 6:  Two Stars and a Wish to be embedded as part of assessment of work by students.

Target 7:  Differentiation to be used in setting homework and assessments.

Target 8:  Teachers to continue to have high expectations of students’ work and behaviour and communicate these expectations effectively to students.